Adult Sunday School

Class 1
Time:  9:00am Sunday
Meeting Location: Parlor
Leader: Mary Lu Funyak

This class is currently studying Knowing God's Triune Story by Michael Lindvall.

Class 2
Time:  9:00am Sunday
Meeting Location: Room 114
Leader:  Various leaders rotate teaching each week. 

Current  study is Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt.

 Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt addresses such questions as "Is the Bible the Literal Word of God or Just a Long Boring Book?"  This easy-to-understand, slightly irreverent approach to theology tackles the kind of theological musings that many of us have today.  The study acknowledges that though the views expressed in questions like "Are you saved?", "Do you have a relationship with Jesus?", and "Are you going to heaven?" are popular in our culture, those are not the only ways to understand being a Christian.  The authors, Ted Foote, Jr. and Alex Thornburg, help presbyterians articulate their faith and respond to these questions from a Reformed point of view. 


Union Presbyterian Church
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Rev. Lisa Dunson Stenner, Pastor