Adult Sunday School

Summer is a season of sabbath at Union Presbyterian Church, and we take a break from most programmatic activities in order to create space for the Holy Spirit to dance. Sunday School will resume in the Fall.

Recent offerings included:

Class 1
Time:  9:00am Sunday
Meeting Location: Parlor
Leader: Mary Lu Funyak

This class studied Knowing God's Triune Story by Michael Lindvall.

Class 2
Time:  9:00am Sunday
Meeting Location: Room 114
Leader:  Various leaders rotate teaching each week. 

The most recent study was Embracing An Adult Faith by Marcus Borg.

Bestselling author and Bible scholar Marcus Borg invites us to join him in revisiting Christianity’s most fundamental questions:  Who is God?  What does salvation mean?  What place does Jesus hold in Christian faith for today’s world? 

In this five-session, faith-formation resource, participants enjoy the rare privilege of witnessing Marcus in dialog with a small, diverse group of adults as they honestly --  and sometimes painfully -- confront the big questions and work together toward authentic answers.  Each session includes a 10-minute presentation by Borg followed by interaction with the group.

The study addresses fundamental questions that adults struggle with as faith matures:

            ● God        ● Jesus        ● Salvation        ● Community        ● Practice


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