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Flowers for Sunday Worship

Dedicating Sunday Altar Flowers

Have you enjoyed seeing live arrangements on the altar at UPC on Sunday mornings during worship? If so, you can help continue this joy each Sunday by dedicating flowers to commemorate a special occasion, such as an anniversary, a baptism, a birthday, a graduation, or in memory or honor of loved ones.

The live flowers on the altar are provided by the Secret Garden and your date can be reserved by completing the form on this page or by signing up on the Flower Calendar posted in the Narthex. If you have reserved a date, below are the steps involved in ordering the arrangement:

1. On a monthly basis, the Church Office notifies the Secret Garden with the names (and contact information) of the families who are dedicating flowers.  

2.  The Secret Garden should contact you directly the week before your dedication to arrange for colors, style, or any special requests.  Flower arrangements range in cost from $35 to $55.  Payment is made directly to the Secret Garden. Feel free to check out The Secret Garden website for ideas by clicking on this link.

3. If you do not hear from the florist by Thursday before the scheduled Sunday, contact either the Secret Garden at (859) 282-6644 or the Church Office at (859) 384-3255.

4.  If you would like to have a dedication message printed in the Sunday Bulletin, please email Lori in the church office at upc@fuse.net by Thursday of the desired week. You can also call Lori in the church office at (859) 384-3255.

5. On the Sunday you have dedicated flowers, please feel free to take the arrangement home after the service. The arrangement is in a plastic container and can be removed from church's permanent container.  Please leave the stone container on the altar.



Use this form or the calendar posted in the Narthex to reserve YOUR altar flower date!

Click here to see available dates on the Altar Flower Calendar 2020

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